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villa cassinella venue wedding lake como

Villa la Cassinella, on the western shores of romantic Lake Como, offers extraordinary beauty, tranquility and elegance.

In a lush, perfectly manicured environment, the estate consists of the main villa, the pool house with theater and gym, and the enchanting Terrace House. The quality and exclusivity of Villa la Cassinella stands out among the world's most extraordinary retreats. This luxurious retreat accommodates up to 17 guests in unrivaled style, comfort and luxury.


Villa La Cassinella is a hidden gem that delights at every turn.


Villa La Cassinella - Lake Como

Villa La Cassinella - Lake Como

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  • Accomodation: Yes

  • Capacity: 17 guests

  • Boat access: Yes

  • Swimmingpool: Yes

  • Tennis yard: Yes

  • Ceremonies: Symbolic

  • Receptions: Yes

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