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We are Inspired by Your Happiness

"Planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting moments in your life. I feel it's important to take away the stress involved in creating your dream day. I want you to enjoy the process and make it fun. Achieving my clients's goals in my aim, exceeding their expectations my mission."

Elegant Design,
Impeccable Style,
Seamless Execution

What Luxury
Means to Us

What Celebration
Means to Us

At Lake Como Wedding, we believe in creating remarkable experiences and take all aspects of a celebration seriously. We don’t just think outside the box; we turn the box upside down.To create experiences that will forever be remembered, we are experts at creating events from scratch, even in remote or challenging locations.

We are not simply “event planners.” We are architects of experiential celebrations, and our team consists of engineers of intentional and delightful details. Inspired by the stories of our lovely clients, we are driven designers whose work brings the message of their love and lives to life through the details of our experiential celebrations. We write living legacies, one chapter at a time.

When it comes to luxury, we define the term differently. It is not a price point or a couture label. Luxury, to us, is the gift of time. Both for our clients, as well as for our creative vendors, we place a high value on efficiency and time management.


To maximize your time and experience when making decisions, we invite you to collaborate with us creating your narrative so you can live life to the fullest and spend your time accurately and purposefully doing what you love with those you love.


It's easy: we are experts in what we do, and we are unsurpassed at providing our clients with the gift of time.

Our luxury destination wedding planners are focused on one objective. To us, the celebration of life's best moments is not some trivial thing. We take the responsibility of creating experiences your greatest milestones very seriously.


Our clients' interwoven story can only truly be realized when all five of their senses come together in one place, the exact moment when their lives intersect with their loved ones, in the same place, and in the same period of time all at once.

Our Story

Since 2010, Emanuela has been the owner and creative director of both Vanilla Wedding, a destination wedding service for Italian couples, and Lake Maggiore Weddings Style, a luxury wedding planning service for couples from around the world.  At the end of 2020, Emanuela decided to expand the business area also to Lake Como and a new project started after the pandemy. 

Lake Como Wedding aims to organize luxury weddings on the most beautiful lake in the world. A place full of charm, history and exclusive venues.

From smaller budgets to high-end clients as well as organizations with wide international recognition, Emanuela and her staff are experienced at planning events across the Italian Lakes. The experience accumulated over time, has given Emanuela the skills, knowledge and network required to provide her clients with some of the most unique and spectacular world class weddingexperience. Her keen eye for details ensures things run as smoothly as possible. With over 10 years of working in weddings she understands exactly what her clients want and makes sure she delivers.

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Meet The Team

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